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Spring Maintenance

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

With our thermostats starting to read in the 50s and beyond, and the grass clearly visible, our Minnesotan minds are surely starting to think about the spring maintenance that we have to do around our homes. This may include raking the yard, sweeping the garage, and probably cleaning the windows.

Here are a couple of other areas of your home that are sometimes overlooked:

  • Air to air exchangers and furnaces – You should clean the filters out of your air to air exchangers every couple of months. Normally the filters slide right out and can be rinsed with water. To further increase the interior air quality of your home, replace the filter in your furnace too!
  • Exterior vents – If your air exchangers are dirty, chances are the exterior vents are too. Take a brush to clean the exterior vents for your air exchanger, clothes dryer, and hood fan.
  • Gutters – Making sure that debris is not clogging up your gutters helps them perform to the best of their abilities and maximizes the longevity of the product.
  • Interior window sashes and sills – Did you notice a lot of moisture or frost on the interior of your windows this winter? This moisture and frost will usually melt or fall to the bottom of the window and rest on the sash and sill. Wipe up any dirt that the moisture has left behind and take note if the moisture has caused any damage to the paint or stain on your sash and/or sill. Some minor sanding and repainting of damaged paint can go a long way in maintaining your windows performance over the years. If you noticed an abundance of moisture forming on your windows through the winter, trying turning down your humidifier to better control the moisture in your home.

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